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Off to Market

Posted Date: 03/27/2024

Off to Market

Pryor fashion students traveled to Dallas, Texas, for a three-day exploration journey to see how the fashion world reaches far beyond clothing, affecting consumer choices in cosmetics to interior design. During the trip, students visited the Mary Kay National Headquarters, toured the JFK Memorial, shopped Highland Park and Galleria Dallas, as well as learning about a two-year associate fashion degree offered by Dallas College El Centro Campus. 

Sharon Rash, Pryor High School Fashion Instructor said, “It was one of the top three trips in education I have taken in 18 years.”group

Rash’s students discovered the wide-ranging career opportunities existing in the fashion industry. Earlier in the year, the students focused on dress design and creation, but Mrs. Rash wants her students to understand that a career in the field could mean much more than just fashion design. 

After a five-hour drive and seven stops, the group arrived in the Dallas area and began their journey with a stop at the Mary Kay National Headquarters in Addison, Texas. Here the group toured the museum learning about the company’s history and the impact Mark Kay Ash had on the business world.  Students viewed Mark Kay’s wardrobe and famously pink Cadillac while discovering the nationwide network of Mark Kay stores. 

JFK MemorialA stop at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza added perspective to the history of fashion.  Viewing the monument brought a tragic moment in American history to life for the students.  Previously they had researched the significant influence Jacqueline Kennedy, a 1960s fashion icon known for her elegance and style, had on society during her term as first lady from 1961 to 1963.  The monument enhanced the student's understanding of the tragedy for Mrs. Kennedy and our nation.

The longest tour of the trip was exploring 15 floors of the Dallas World Trade Center, showcasing various products: clothing, cosmetics, lighting, furniture, and more.  The trade center is home to several yearly events mainly targeted to trade professionals.

After receiving visitor badges, the students were able to tour the trade center and trace the route of products from the wholesale to the retail market.  PHS Sophomore Ailey Ortega said, “Prices were a big thing.” Companies and organizations can purchase in bulk and at a lower price than individual consumers.  Exploring the wide array of commercial products offered throughout the trade center was an eye-opening experience for the students. 

displayThe way products were displayed also caught the group's attention. PHS Sophomore Jinger Allen said that she was struck by how detailed and intricate the product displays were in the market. “Showcases are set up to attract buyers,” Allen said.  She noted that the displays also included scents to create an inviting atmosphere for customers. “It smelled so good,” Allen remarked. 

Another marketing trend the students noticed was sustainability in product designs and window displays. “Nordstam’s window display marketing was about reducing carbon footprint,” said PHS Junior Kylie Knight. 

The fashion students also walked through the exclusive shops at Highland and Galleria Dallas viewing how luxury and couture designer brands are displayed to buyers.  Knight noted that status was an important element of marketing. “Status, you can never have enough; it is like a drug,” Knight said. 

Not only did the students see the opportunities in fashion, but they also explored the steps necessary to land a fashion career.  Students learned about potential internships offered at the Dallas World Trade Center. Additionally, to learn more about potential careers in visual merchandising and other related fields, students met with a fashion professor from the El Centro Campus to hear about a two-year associate program offered by Dallas College.  

Group at Mary KayDallasWorld Trade Center