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Bond Updates

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Bond Progress Update

September 11 – 19

The rest of the millwork was delivered for Lincoln on Tuesday. Crews have it all installed and only have one or two countertops/backsplashes to complete, then the millwork will be finished. There are still two, maybe three sinks to cut into the counters and that will be complete. The tile work is finished in the group restrooms on the north end of the west corridor. They have the fixtures set in the boys group restroom, but the girls restrooms haven’t started yet. The restrooms behind the office area just need the accessories installed then they will be completed.

They have started the civil work at the Maintenance Facility. All of the trees on the west side of the site have been removed, stacked in piles and burned. The entrance from 9th street has been constructed with the new concrete pipe for drainage and gravel over them. The road to the back of the site has been graded and passed the proof roll today, so they can start putting gravel down to build the road up. The building pad is being stripped of vegetation and the undercut is started to stabilize the pad.

Lots going on,




Bond Plan Vision

Long-term commitment to the vision established for Pryor Public Schools in 2009, is the driving force for the district construction projects. Issues in the last bond election addressed the following proposed projects:

  • Renovations for Jefferson and Lincoln Elementaries (roofs, windows, and classroom renovations [Lincoln])
  • Middle School Classroom and Media Center Addition, Renovation of Maintenance Building to house STEM/IT
  • Build new Maintenance Facility
  • High School Addition
  • Athletic Improvements
  • Textbooks
  • District Technology
  • Band Instruments
  • Borrowing Costs

Dr. Muller Announces Football Stadium Construction Plans

Pryor High School students can expect a fall 2025 football season kickoff at a new Tiger Stadium.







Construction Moves Forward at Lincoln Elementary

Ongoing renovations at Lincoln include:

  • Roof, windows, classrooms, and technology



Construction Complete at Jefferson Elementary

Renovations at Jefferson included:

  • Roofs, windows, classroom technology, and parking lot. 





Construction Progress at Pryor High School






Thank you Pryor Community

For Approving the 2022 Bond and

Continuing to Support Our Schools!