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HVAC Pre-Apprenticheship Program Offered to Two PHS Seniors

Posted Date: 03/13/2024

HVAC Pre-Apprenticheship Program Offered to Two PHS Seniors

HVAC Program offered at PHS Innovation Center


Pryor High School Innovation Center is using Interplay Learning’s immersive training platform to power the cutting-edge HVAC pre-apprenticeship program. The new program guides high school seniors through a semester of online and in-person training, equipping them with job-ready trade skills, Department of Labor (DOL)-approved apprenticeship hours, and industry certifications essential for starting a career in the skilled trades.

The Innovation Center and Interplay Learning are spearheading the initiative to offer a pre-apprenticeship program for two high school seniors each semester. The highly personalized program, made possible by the generous funding of local sponsors, RAE Corporation and MidAmerica, is designed to take students from zero industry skills to job-ready through a semester-long, curated pathway of online and in-person trades training.  intern

"We are enthusiastic about using Interplay Learning to supplement our curriculum. It’s allowing us to create custom learning paths to meet the needs of our students, and they love it because it’s presented in a format they want to use,” said David Day, Innovation Center Director at Pryor High School. “The carryover of Department of Labor hours is a huge bonus, and we’re pleased to offer an educational experience that prepares our students to be valuable employees."

With Interplay’s training platform, students receive engaging safety and HVAC fundamentals lessons through online video courses, hands-on 3D trouble-shooting simulations, and VR. This is complemented by in-person mentorship with an HVAC Instructor, allowing them to practice soft skills and apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. To further enhance practical application, students engage in three daily internship hours with the school's maintenance department. During this hands-on experience, they learn how to maintain and repair the school's HVAC and electrical systems, translating their online and classroom learning into tangible skills.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Pryor High School Innovation Center to empower students with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in the HVAC and electrical trades,” said Doug Donovan, CEO and founder of Interplay Learning. “This forward-thinking program sets the stage for a new era of early trades education and career exposure, bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world application.”

In addition to accumulating state DOL-approved apprenticeship hours, students will prepare to sit for OSHA-10 and EPA 608 exams to acquire industry-recognized certifications that will jumpstart their path to success in the workforce.

Following graduation, students will receive ongoing support from the program, maintaining access to Interplay's courses and benefiting from personalized referrals to entry-level positions with local businesses, including the program’s sponsors.

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About Pryor High School Innovation Center

The Pryor High School Innovation Center is located at the Rogers State University satellite campus in Pryor, located within the MidAmerica Industrial Park.  Pryor students can enroll in career-focused courses at the Innovation Center and take concurrent courses at Rogers State University.