Lincoln Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures for Car Riders

Beginning January 5, 2015, drop off/pick up procedures for car riders will look a little different. Please understand that we are Beginning with the End in Mind when creating these procedures. Our End in Mind (Habit #2) is to keep all our students safe as they arrive at school and depart from school.   

Please understand we have consulted with Pryor Police Department, the City of Pryor’s Mayoral office, and the Superintendent of Pryor Public Schools.  We feel these are the best procedures for the safety of our children and the surrounding community. 

The Westbound lanes will be strictly for 2 purposes, pick up/drop off, and through traffic.  

The lane closest to the curb when traveling West will be designated for PICK UP only.  There is absolutely no parking in this lane or leaving your vehicle unattended.  Drivers will stay in their vehicle and be ready to pull forward into the front pick up loop of Lincoln Elementary where your student will be waiting.  The drop off or pick up location will be between the East edge and West edge of the front part of Lincoln.  If you are first in line, pull all the way to the West edge of the pick up line.  Similarly, all vehicles behind must continue to pull forward.  Your child will be waiting in front of Lincoln and we’ll have your child come to your vehicle once you stop in the pick up area.  This is the area where you should drop your child off before school.   Your student will no longer be allowed to walk to the street through the side fences.  As well, please do not motion for your child to run to your car unless you are in the designated pickup area.  If you are first in line, do not stop at the East edge of the pick up area and motion for your child to come to the car.  Our goal is to be able to load 6-7 cars in a safe area in front of Lincoln and not have everyone waiting while 1 student gets loaded.  Once your student is loaded, we ask that you pull away and exit the loop.  There is absolutely no double parking waiting for students. 

The innermost westbound lane will be strictly for through traffic traveling West.  Please do not try to turn into Lincoln pickup area from the center lane, or cut off anyone in the pickup lane trying to “slip in”.  The city has asked us to keep the center lanes going each direction free of stalled or parked traffic as emergency vehicles may need to come through there at any given moment.

The Eastbound lanes will be strictly for 2 purposes as well.

The lane closest to the curb when traveling East will be designated as a parking lane.  However, your child will not be allowed to cross the street unattended to your car.  If you choose to park in this lane, you must physically come get your child from the pick up area in front of Lincoln and walk them to your car.

The innermost Eastbound lane will be strictly for through traffic traveling East.  Absolutely no parking or stalled cars in this lane.

 Teachers and staff will be instructed to have your child waiting in front of Lincoln’s main entrance and will no longer be on the SE corner of the building.   Teachers will also be instructed to not conference with you, the parent, in the loop.  If they need to conference with you they will ask you to park in 1 of 3 locations, parking spaces in front of Lincoln, Centennial Park, or the apartment complex located south of the school.

We feel the opportunity exist to make our drop off/ pick up process safer.  Please understand we will have staff directing traffic helping everyone to understand the new procedure.

Thank you for understanding and joining us in the chance to keep our little ones safe.

Change is easier when you are the pitcher and not the catcher!”

Karen Cook – Lincoln Elementary Principal