After School Program


Laura Holloway

After School Program Director

What We Do

Tiger PRIDE will be held each Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (when school is in session). Session 1 will run from September 6 through October 27, 2022.

We begin clubs at 3:30 and end at 5:30 p.m. (Exception: New Life Ranch Clubs pick-up at 6:15 p.m.). Please, be aware that learners may be bussed to different sites to attend clubs. Students picked up early must be signed out at the club site.

Positive behavior is expected. Improper conduct can lead to removal from clubs. 

At Tiger PRIDE, our goal is to help our Pryor Elementary students in the development of their character through educational and recreational activities.

We are providing a fun, supportive environment for our students to gain not only academically, but socially, as well. Our daily activities include a healthy snack, academics, homework help, and club activities, based on the specific club. 


Proactive Reinforcement of Intentional Development in Education

How to Enroll

Parents, please click the button below to find enrollment forms to print.  Complete and sign the forms and return to the school office by August 19, 2022.

Elementary Club Descriptions

Calling young learners who want to expand their acting abilities in the form of monologues. Challenging themselves to stand alone on stage, performing a speech dialogue. You’ll be able to choose your script from humorous, lighthearted to dramatic dialogues. Let’s get creative by building a set and scene just for you! Limit 6, pick up at Roosevelt Elementary, at 5:30. Limit 2 learners per site.

Come join us for a fun introduction to acting basics: voice projections, improvisation, pantomime, stage directions, and more! This is a prerequisite for 3, 2, 1, ACTION! Limit 4 learners from Lincoln, Roosevelt. & Jefferson.

Do you like to run short or long distances? We will do running drills, game running drills, and cross country workouts. Training will be at New Life Ranch, on their beautiful trails. You will finish with a cross country meet in Pryor. Pick-up at 6:15 p.m. at Roosevelt. Limit 7 learners per site. 

Learning about horses from day to day care, anatomy, grooming, nutrition, shoeing, exercise and training. Learners will also ride horses. This club will not return until 6:15 p.m. at Roosevelt circle drive. Limit 4 learners per site.

Learn the basics of soccer and participate in fun and engaging soccer activities. Club will be led by the High School soccer coach and players. Pick up at Roosevelt at 5:30. No Cap.

Learn the basics and fundamentals of Golf from the grip to the club selection and how to keep score. Also be given the opportunity to play on Pryor Creek Golf Course. Equipment provided. Pick up at Pryor Creek Golf Course (724 E 530 Pryor, OK), at 5:30. If there is bad weather pick-up at Roosevelt Elementary at 5:30. Limit 6 learners per site.

Learn the basics of tennis from grip, forehand, backhand, serve, and volley. Club led by High School coaches and athletes. Equipment provided. Pick-up at 5:30 (600 Park St.). If there is bad weather Pick-up at Jefferson at 5:30. Limit 7 learners per site.

Wrestling Club: Learning chess with your body describes what the wrestling club will teach you. Learn moves and countermoves to outwit your opponent. Whatever your physical ability, this club is for you! You become more physically and mentally fit. Pick-up at Burdick Center at 5:30, on the East side (1100 SE 9th St Pryor). Limit 7 learners per site. 

In this club learners will engage with their curiosity by digging in the dirt and practicing hands-on gardening. They will visit the Pryor Community Garden on Mondays and Tuesdays, where they will be able to plant and harvest what they grow! Learners will learn about proper nutrition/ recipe education to take home to their families. Learners must be picked up at 207 W Graham on Monday and Tuesday at 5:30, and at the Mayes County Fairgrounds 

(2200 NE 1st St.) on Thursdays at 5:30. Limit 5 learners per site.

Do you like the outdoors? If so, this club is for you! Hiking, fishing, and exploring the land at Frontier Cove. Please, wear comfortable shoes and bring a water bottle; you must be able to walk and explore the beautiful trails. This club will not return until 6:15 p.m.. Pick-up at Roosevelt circle drive. Limit 7 learners per site.

Join this club to try different art styles and activities. Learn about different art mediums and complete projects with your friends. Pick up is at Roosevelt. Limit 5 learners per site.

Have you ever watched a reporter delivering the news on TV and thought “I want to do that”? Or perhaps you’d rather work behind the scenes, setting up cameras and running the computer to produce the broadcast. In ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ club, you can do all of these jobs! Learners will learn how to write a script for a broadcast, how to set up and operate cameras, how to serve as a reporter, and how to produce the broadcast on a computer. If any of these jobs interest you, join ‘Lights, Camera, Action’! Pick up at Pryor High School’s front circle drive. Limit 3 learners per site. 

Middle School Club Descriptions

Learners get the chance to learn and play different types of Esports. They will practice teamwork and even have small tournaments. This club includes games such as Rocket League, League of Legends, Overwatch and Smash Brothers. Limit 16, pick up at the Middle School. 

Trial of an 8 Legged Washout” In this hilarious courtroom comedy, Dish and Spoon from the Hey Diddle Diddle Band have been abducted and everyone thinks Itsy Bitsy Spider is to blame! Limit of 9, pick up is at Roosevelt. 

Learn and play the tabletop roleplaying game of Dungeons and Dragons. This club encourages teamwork, problem solving, and creative writing skills as learners play and create a story together. Limit of 18.

Learn the basics of BMX biking and racing with opportunities to ride on the Mayes County BMX Track. Equipment is provided. Learners must wear long sleeves, jeans, and close toed shoes. Parents pick up at 5:30 at the Mayes County BMX Track, 526 Airport Road, Highway 64. Limit 15

Do you have an interest in dancing and cheerleading? Join us whether you have dance and cheer experience or none at all. The club consists of stretching, working on jumps, kicks, turns, and other hip hop and pom routines. We will do a performance at the end for parents. Limit of 15, pick up at Roosevelt. 

Do You know how to skate or want to learn how? Join us at Skate Party Play to play games, exercise, and skate with friends. Equipment is provided and learners must be picked up at 5:30 at 339 W. Graham Ave. Limit of 20

Site Directors

Unruh Lynn

Lynn Unruh

Jefferson Elementary

918 825 1374

Kimberly Morgan

Kimberly Morgan

Lincoln Elementary

918 825 0653

Katy Moore

Katy Moore

Roosevelt Elementary

918 825 3523

Derek Voth

Derek Voth

Middle School