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Seven Questions with Signed Athlete: Leah Stimson

Posted Date: 05/21/2024

Seven Questions with Signed Athlete: Leah Stimson

Q & A

Is there a coach, athlete, or person you look up to as a role model? Why?

The coach/people I look up to would be my dad, who has been my coach my whole life, my mom, who has been there to walk me through all the mental battles, and my older sister, who I enjoyed watching play this sport and helping me find my love for the sport. These three people have been through every step of my volleyball career and helped me excel to be the person and player I am today.


What clubs, teams, or extracurriculars do you participate in at the school?

Some activities I participate in are volleyball, basketball, Tiger News Broadcasting, and Tiger Video. In these activities, I get to be involved with and have come to know much of the Pryor community.


What is a major highlight for you in your athletic career?

One of my biggest highlights would be being part of the first ever Pryor Tigers Volleyball Team. Another big highlight would have to be being able to help be a coach/mentor for the first ever Pryor Middle School Volleyball Team, where I grew close to many younger girls who grew to have the same love for this sport as I do.


What do you believe is a big challenge that most student-athletes face today?

A big challenge I believe most student-athletes face would have to be the "twin thieves." The "twin thieves" are the doubt and lack of confidence that most athletes struggle with. It can be a struggle to overcome but with the right mindset and peers to support you, you can accomplish anything.


What do you plan on doing in and/or after college?

I plan to attend medical school and become either a trauma surgeon, a cardiothoracic surgeon, or a neurosurgeon. I want to be able to help people and be a great surgeon. I also hope to have an amazing husband, with a beautiful family, live in the suburbs, and to hopefully have tons of animals roaming the acres of land I wish to have.


What school subject is your favorite and why?

I enjoy math and science. Math has always been pretty easy for me, I grew up liking puzzles and math was always like a puzzle to me. I have also always enjoyed science because it is so cool how so many things were created and there are endless answers to everything that is.


What has being part of a team taught you?

Being a part of a team has taught me that with any battles or bad days, it wouldn't hold your team back from pushing you to be your best, and whenever you needed a hand to hold you had a team to back you up. A team would be a family, spending day after day, night after night, game after game, win after win or loss after loss, no matter the situation they were there to fight every battle with you and let you know that you're never alone.