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Katy Moore Completes Leadership Program in Mayes County

Posted Date: 05/13/2024

Katy Moore Completes Leadership Program in Mayes County

Katy Moore, the Assistant Director of the Afterschool Program, has successfully completed the inaugural Mayes County LEAD Professional Leadership program. Moore received her certificate of completion from Houston Brittain, President & CEO of the Pryor Area Chamber of Commerce.

The LEAD program aims to identify, motivate, and educate emerging leaders within the local community. Participants are equipped with skills necessary for personal leadership growth and are given a comprehensive overview of social, economic, business, and policy issues affecting Mayes County.

Through the program, Moore, along with her peers, gained valuable insights into the community's inner workings. Participants were introduced to key contacts in the community, county, and state, helping to build a support and communication network.

Katy’s completion of the LEAD program not only highlights her commitment to personal and professional growth but also reinforces the Afterschool Program’s dedication to community and leadership development.  

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