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Seven Questions with Signed Athlete: Ella Marsh

Posted Date: 03/27/2024

Seven Questions with Signed Athlete: Ella Marsh

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Q & A


Is there a coach, athlete, or person you look up to as a role model? Why?

I would say I look up to my dad because he has always pushed me to be my best at everything that I ever do, and I look up to him for that reason. He has made me who I am today!


What clubs, teams, or extracurriculars do you participate in at the school?

I just play soccer!


What is a major highlight for you in your athletic career?

A major highlight for me is getting to go play D2 soccer at Pitt State.


What do you believe is a big challenge that most student athletes face today?

I feel like most athletes lack confidence in themselves and that is something I struggled with for years, but at some point, you have to believe that you are good enough and strive to be better!


What do you plan on doing in and/or after college?

I plan on going into radiology and coaching a soccer team.


What has being part of a team taught you?

Being a part of a team has taught me how to work with others, given me a family, and has taught me how to communicate to strive for something everyone wants.


What do you do that makes you who you are?

I feel like I try to be positive even in tough situations and that really makes me who I am.