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Introducing PPS Marketing Intern, Kaitlynn Casey!

Posted Date: 01/31/2024

Introducing PPS Marketing Intern, Kaitlynn Casey!

Senior Kaitlynn Casey has joined the PPS Communications Team as a first-year intern. Casey, who is involved in swimming, volleyball, National Honors Society, National Technical Honors Society, MidAmerica Ambassadors, Oklahoma Indian Student Honors Society, AP Biology, and RSU concurrent enrollment, will bring a student perspective to our department.  

With the camera Swim Team On the volleyball court.


Though she is involved with so many extracurricular activities, it is not hard for her to choose one to rule them all… Yearbook! “Yearbook is my favorite thing to be involved in because I’m the editor this year, and I adore all things that involve photography and graphic design,” Casey explains.


A third-year yearbook staffer,  Casey also holds a CTE Precision Exam Marketing Certification. She loves taking photos for many of the sports, assemblies, and activities that happen at PHS. Kaitlynn enjoys photography because she, “gets to make everyone feel seen.” 


After high school, Casey will attend the University of Oklahoma to pursue a bachelor's degree in biology. She wants to take her degree with her to a national or state park, so she can study the environment and the animals around her. Casey hopes to “encourage people to take care of the world around us so that the generations that come after can enjoy it too.” 


While in college, she plans to use her knowledge of photography and graphic design to help bring in some extra college funding. She eventually wants to take pictures for National Geographic and be featured as one of their “Picture of the Year” photographers.