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Ally Martin Triumphs in Eastern Oklahoma State Spelling Bee

Posted Date: 05/23/2023

Ally Martin Triumphs in Eastern Oklahoma State Spelling Bee

The Eastern Oklahoma State Spelling Bee witnessed impressive linguistic prowess as Allison "Ally" Martin, a talented young student from Pryor Middle School, secured a tie for 1st place in the competition on April 21st at the Muskogee Civic Center. Martin went a record 33 rounds before the head judge declared the spelling bee a tie for the first time in the history of the bee. The other winner was Ethan Yosef, another 8th grader from St. Joseph Middle School. While other Pryor students have competed and placed in the spelling bee over the last 13 years, this is the first time a Pryor student has taken home the 1st place trophy and winnings.

The Eastern Oklahoma State Spelling Bee drew participants who had won their school spelling bees from schools across the Eastern Oklahoma districts, which consisted of more than 90 spellers. Martin’s dedication, countless hours of preparation, and unwavering determination ultimately led her to secure a well-deserved tie for 1st place. A few words Ally spelled correctly in her 33 rounds were tortuosity, hydraulic, schnauzer, and shrapnel.

Martin's triumph was recognized with accolades and supported by generous scholarships. The Eastern Oklahoma State Spelling Bee awarded her a scholarship of $375. Also, the Cruis'n Angels Car Club in Muskogee presented her with an additional scholarship of $150. Martin’s victory also earned a nice reward for Pryor Schools--a check for $750.Martin receives checks

On May 22, the Director of the Spelling Bee, Susan E. Hoog, presented Martin and her principal, Mr. Matheson, with her well-deserved winnings, a very large trophy, and a bouquet of flowers. Martin donated her trophy to the school. Sge is the daughter of Matt and Kami Martin and triplet sister to Izzy and Abby Martin who are also 8th graders at Pryor Middle School.